Split System Air Conditioners

For the very best in split system air conditioning, Sorrento locals know to trust Point Nepean Air Conditioning – the leading Mornington Peninsula name in air conditioner installations.

Why Choose Split-System Air Conditioning?

Split system air conditioning has a number of benefits in your home.  There are two main types of split system units available.  A standard split system has one indoor unit called a fan coil servicing one area and a single external condenser unit. A multi-head split system has several indoor fan coils located in different rooms connected to one external condenser. As the indoor and outdoor units are interconnected with small copper pipes, split systems are a great option for homes with poor access or limited room for ductwork.

On top of being simple to control and cost effective, our range also includes reverse cycle units which provide both heating and cooling, meaning you can keep cool in the sweltering summer months and warm in the freezing winters.

Split systems operate quietly, which is why they’re often the air conditioner of choice for libraries, boardrooms, classrooms and bedrooms also providing the added bonus of being able to temperature control individual areas as required.

Split systems are also a great option for homes throughout the Mornington Peninsula without access to natural gas such as Flinders, Shoreham, Red Hill and Main Ridge as the units operate using mains power.

Types of Indoor Units

Wall mounted indoor fan coils are the most common type of residential split systems.  Point Nepean Air Conditioning can supply designer indoor units in a range of colours and styles for that extra special look as well as standard designs.

Ceiling cassette units are generally used in applications where there is limited wall space or in commercial properties such as offices or shops, however they can also be installed in residential homes. 

Floor console units are also used in applications where wall space is at a premium. Due to their compact profile they can also be used if a wall mounted unit does not suit the ambience of the room such as bedrooms.

Bulkhead units are used when wall or floor space is not available or to provide a fully customised design for your home.  Bulkhead units are quiet and allow you the most options with regards to the visual finish with numerous grill variations available. 

So if you need a split system air conditioner, Sorrento and surrounding residents can call upon Point Nepean Air Conditioning, servicing all of the Mornington Peninsula. 

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Our Products

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for reverse-cycle air conditioning, Portsea, Sorrento and surrounding locals can call on Point Nepean Air Conditioning, the leaders in Mornington Peninsula air conditioning installation.

What is reverse cycle ducted air conditioning?

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, also known as ducted refrigerated air conditioning, is the ultimate climate control solution for your home with one system supplying both heating and cooling through the same outlet. We supply and install a range of leading brands including Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric systems – no matter what model you choose for your ducted air conditioning, from Mt Eliza to Portsea, Mornington Peninsula locals can rest easy with our 7-year workmanship warranty.

Why Choose Point Nepean for your Reverse-Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning has a huge range of benefits for Mornington Peninsula home-owners. It’s a whole-home solution, with each and every room climate controlled in both summer and winter. With the ability to apply multiple zones providing temperature flexibility and economy, you’ll have complete control over your space allowing you to maintain year round comfort regardless of what’s happening outside.

Not only is it one of the quietest air conditioning solutions, with all noise-producing equipment in the ceiling or under floor, the only thing visible in your home will be the mounted grills. These blend seamlessly and won’t impede on the look of your rooms like a wall-mounted unit.  Our experienced staff can help you fully customise the look of your grills, from sleek lineal slots to colour matched bar grills, we can provide a design option that will set your installation apart from the average plastic grills that most businesses use.

If you need ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, Sorrento, Portsea and Mornington Peninsula locals know to call the leaders in air conditioning installation.

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Add-On Refrigerated Cooling

For top-quality add-on refrigerated cooling, Portsea locals know to choose Point Nepean Air Conditioning. With our years of experience air conditioning and heating homes on the Mornington Peninsula, you can be sure of our expertise and professionalism.

What is add-on air conditioning?

Add-on air conditioning is where a condenser unit is able to be connected to your gas ducted heater to provide heating and air conditioning through the same ducts and grills.

How is add-on air conditioning different to reverse cycle air conditioning?

Add-on air conditioning uses a gas ducted heating system to provide the heating aspect – meaning lower running costs for you.  Gas ducted heating is a more energy efficient form of heating compared to ducted reverse cycle systems which run on electricity only. Add-on air conditioning can also be zoned like regular gas ducted heating and reverse cycle air conditioning, allowing you the flexibility to designate the temperature for select rooms and areas of you home for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

Why choose add-on refrigerated cooling?

Refrigerated cooling works especially well in places like the Mornington Peninsula for its ability to combat humid conditions. With gas ducted heating and add-on air conditioning you get the best of both worlds – an energy efficient heating solution with the benefit of temperature controlled air conditioning, all through the same ducts and grills and even utilizing the same control in most instances.

You can even install your gas ducted heating system with the provisions required for add-on air conditioning (larger ductwork etc) and fit the add-on condensing unit at a time that suits you.  Make sure you talk to one of our sales team about the requirements to complete your installation the very best way possible.

Refrigerated Cooling – Sorrento & Mornington Peninsula Installation

If you need the very best refrigerated add on air conditioning, give the experts a call at Point Nepean Air Conditioning. We have a variety of models from different manufacturers like Actron Air, Brivis and Braemar. No matter their warranty – we offer a 7-year guarantee on all installation services to keep your home cool – day after day, year after year!

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Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling units are roof mounted and work by drawing hot air from outside through a series of water soaked pads which, through evaporation, cools the air. A fan then pushes the fresh cooled air into your home through a series of ducts. Hot air in the house is forced out of open windows and doors to provide a complete change of air every few minutes.

A healthy, environmentally friendly option.

As evaporative cooling constantly uses fresh air that is not recycled, it is one of the healthiest, most natural forms of cooling your home and is ideal for children, elderly people, and those who suffer allergies or hayfever.

Evaporative cooling is the most environmentally friendly cooling option on the market as it does not use any refrigerant gas to operate, meaning no harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and is cheaper to install than ducted refrigerated air conditioning. 

Save on your running costs.

Evaporative cooling is extremely economical, you can rest easy knowing that you can cool your entire home off a standard power point.  When you can cool your home for as little as 5 cents per hour there will be no second thoughts of running your system on those hot summer days.

Quiet operation.

Evaporative cooling is very quiet to run, with the main noise source (the fan) being roof mounted, so you can operate your system day and night without compromising on the comfort of you or your neighbours.

Why choose Point Nepean Air Conditioning?

Point Nepean Air Conditioning can offer you all of the leading brands available in evaporative cooling from Breezair, Braemar and Brivis.  In fact, we are the ONLY Breezair dealer on the entire Mornington Peninsula!  Our experienced sales team can recommend the best system for your homes requirements and your budget, then arrange expert fuss-free installation for you.

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Ducted Heating

If you are looking to have gas ducted heating installed in your Mornington Peninsula home, look no further than Point Nepean Air Conditioning.

At Point Nepean Air Conditioning, we maintain a simple goal-effective and reliable heating installation outcome for Mornington Peninsula homes in Mornington, Mt Martha, McCrae, Rosebud, Rye, Blairgowrie, Sorrento, Portsea, Main Ridge and Flinders. 

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Ducted heating, also known as central heating, is an extremely efficient way to heat your entire home, making it the most popular type of heater on the market. Ducted heaters work by drawing outside air over a heat exchanger where a fan then gently pushes the air through a series of ducts into your home. A return air duct, then draws the air from inside your home back to the heat exchanger to continue the process until the desired temperature is met.  Depending on access, ducted heaters can be installed in your ceiling space or under floor.

There are many variations of gas ducted heating systems, from basic 3 star models to fully zone controlled 6 star models – whatever your requirements, Point Nepean Air Conditioning can arrange installation of a gas ducted heater that will keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Why Choose Gas Ducted Heating?

With different star rated ducted heater options, you have the ability to choose the most efficient system available to suit your budget.  The higher the star rating, the more efficient your system is – meaning bigger annual savings on your energy bills.  The ability to zone your system allows you the flexibility to heat the rooms of your home either all at once, or one area at a time.  Perhaps you want to warm your living areas during the day but not the bedrooms and vice versa at night? With zone installation this is a reality (as well as numerous other combinations), not only reducing your running costs, but again giving you control over how you choose to use your system depending on your needs at any given time.

Gas ducted heating also has the ability to integrate add-on air conditioning.  As the name suggests, an air conditioning unit can be “attached” to your ducted heater to provide cooling through the same ducts and outlets, also utilising the same controller – saving you time and money.  Click here to learn more about Add-On Air Conditioning.

If you need the very best ducted heater, from Mornington to Portsea or Flinders and everywhere between, give the experts a call at Point Nepean Air Conditioning. We have a variety of models from different manufacturers like Brivis, Braemar and Lennox.

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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating utilizes an innovative heating system that moves heated water through pipes and radiators throughout the home. This system can also be used to heat towel rails, floor slabs, floor trenches or a combination of all of the above. All water is heated at its source – an incredibly energy efficient boiler.

Point Nepean Air Conditioning are experts in hydronic heating – Sorrento and neighboring home-owners can call today to book in a consultation to discuss your options. Don’t have natural gas to your property? Not a problem, new super-efficient inverter Daikin heat pump technology allows us to install hydronic heating to your home using mains power instead of natural or lpg gas.

Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is known for its ability to create a “gentle” heat that warms your home, with radiators in place to keep the air at a consistent temperature. Special thermostats have the ability to register whether or not the air is too warm or too cool; it will regulate to compensate. On top of this, hydronic heating is so energy efficient that you can leave it running all winter long and still not rack up a high energy bill.

Hydronic heating is healthy – without the use of fans required to move the air, no dust or harmful allergens are blown around either. On top of that, hydronic heating is incredibly attractive with a variety of radiator panel styles to choose from or, if you’d prefer to go for hydronic floor heating, all pipes are hidden within the slab rendering the entire system completely invisible.

If you need hydronic heating, Portsea locals can rely on Point Nepean Air Conditioning, the resident experts.

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