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Point Nepean Airconditioning can ensure year round comfort for your Mornington Peninsula home. We can tailor a heating and air conditioning solution for any space.

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When you choose Point Nepean Air Conditioning, you can expect heating and cooling services that put your wishes first.  Our customer-driven work accommodates your needs and schedule.  We only use the highest quality fittings and material for all of our installations so you can rest easy knowing that every part of your system is reliable.

If you prefer a discreet system, we specialise in options that are virtually undetectable. With a bit of lateral thinking, and smart use of available technologies, we can offer custom-made design solutions that can fit any room or building.  Trust our expert methods to heat and cool your home without interfering with your interior design.

If ductwork can’t be installed in a floor or ceiling due to space constraints, it can be integrated into a ceiling or wall feature with concealed vents or ducts. For larger spaces, ducts and vents can be engineered to fit into slimline spaces to reduce their visual profile, without compromising on output.

The actual path of airflow from the heating or cooling unit to the outlets is critical to the efficiency of any system. Point Nepean Air Conditioning have a proven track record of designing effective and efficient heating and cooling systems, for all types of homes, big or small!

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