Split System Air Conditioner

For the very best in split system air conditioning, Sorrento locals know to trust Point Nepean Air Conditioning – the leading Mornington Peninsula name in air conditioner installations.

Why Choose Split-System Air Conditioning?

Split system air conditioning has a number of benefits in your home.  There are two main types of split system units available.  A standard split system has one indoor unit called a fan coil servicing one area and a single external condenser unit. A multi-head split system has several indoor fan coils located in different rooms connected to one external condenser. As the indoor and outdoor units are interconnected with small copper pipes, split systems are a great option for homes with poor access or limited room for ductwork.

On top of being simple to control and cost effective, our range also includes reverse cycle units which provide both heating and cooling, meaning you can keep cool in the sweltering summer months and warm in the freezing winters.

Split System Air Conditioning Sorrento

Split systems operate quietly, which is why they’re often the air conditioner of choice for libraries, boardrooms, classrooms and bedrooms also providing the added bonus of being able to temperature control individual areas as required.

Split systems are also a great option for homes throughout the Mornington Peninsula without access to natural gas such as Flinders, Shoreham, Red Hill and Main Ridge as the units operate using mains power

Types of Indoor Units

Wall mounted indoor fan coils are the most common type of residential split systems.  Point Nepean Air Conditioning can supply designer indoor units in a range of colours and styles for that extra special look as well as standard designs.

Ceiling cassette units are generally used in applications where there is limited wall space or in commercial properties such as offices or shops, however they can also be installed in residential homes. 

Floor console units are also used in applications where wall space is at a premium. Due to their compact profile they can also be used if a wall mounted unit does not suit the ambience of the room such as bedrooms.

Bulkhead units are used when wall or floor space is not available or to provide a fully customised design for your home.  Bulkhead units are quiet and allow you the most options with regards to the visual finish with numerous grill variations available. 

So if you need a split system air conditioner, Sorrento and surrounding residents can call upon Point Nepean Air Conditioning, servicing all of the Mornington Peninsula. Contact us on (03) 5986 4175 for a free quote.

Contact us on (03) 5986 4175 for a free quote.

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